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Why List Your Hotel With Swoboda Hospitality Specialists?

Premium selling price is just one of many reasons why listing your hotel property with Swoboda Hospitality Specialists makes the most business sense:

Specialized Experience since 1954

Swoboda Hospitality Specialists is a real estate brokerage firm dedicated exclusively to the hotel industry throughout the West Coast. Operating since 1954, we specialize only in the sale and purchase of hotel & motel properties. In addition to being licensed real estate brokers, agents and general contractors, our background includes finance, accounting, consulting, construction, development and management.

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Professional Credentials

The brokers and staff of Swoboda Hospitality Specialists possess impeccable credentials. Our brokers hold the only certification in hotel brokerage; the Certified Hotel Broker (CHB) designation. Fewer than 50 brokers, nationwide, have earned the CHB designation. Swoboda Hospitality Specialists brokers also hold the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation. Only five percent (5%) of the estimated 125,000 commercial real estate practitioners nationwide hold the CCIM designation. The limited number of individuals holding these designations versus the total number of brokers nationwide reflects not only the caliber of the programs, but why they are each one of the most coveted and respected designations in the industry.

How we will succeed

When we meet with you we listen intently to understand your plans for the property and your investments. We will ensure the marketing and disposition strategy for your property is consistent with those plans. Then we will strive to maximize the value of your property, first by providing an accurate opinion of value based on reliable comparable property sales information. Then, we work to create more value by marketing directly to the commercial brokerage community. This, combined with our knowledge of the market and our marketing proficiency, assures a maximized selling price.

Our savvy use of internet marketing allows us to reach co-operating brokers and principals faster. We set up an exclusive web site for each property listing so it can be viewed worldwide.

All of our exclusive listings include both a list side and a sell side fee that splits the gross commission equally. This means more co-operating brokers are working to sell your property for maximum value.

Swoboda Hospitality Specialists is one of a very few hotel brokerage firms with a client-first policy of 100% cooperation with other brokers. This ensures maximum value by encompassing a marketing strategy that involves the entire brokerage community.

We put our policy of total broker cooperation in writing on every listing. 

When we agree to broker your property you will receive our complimentary Free Evaluation. We believe this expertise will obtain an advantageous sale for you. To ensure accuracy, our professional opinion of value is conducted independent of your expectations.

Why Our System Works

Consider This The country’s top five hotel brokers combined account for only 10% of all transactions. That means that 90% of all other hotel transactions are conducted by 125,000 other brokers – that 90% is Swoboda Hospitality Specialists’ target market. We utilize Specialized Marketing Systems to bring Together Buyers and Sellers. If you choose not to work with Swoboda Hospitality Specialists, you will miss out on 90% of the marketplace!

Our Marketing Programs

Broker Marketing

Begins with our proprietary database which consists of more than 35,000 brokers and principals, including the CCIM broker networks. Our database is used to contact, via e-mail, fax blasts or direct mailing campaigns, to alert brokers that your property is available for sale. We also list the property on other property listing services, accessed by brokers and investors. The brokers in turn contact their qualified buyers. No one broker alone can sell your property like the entire broker community!

E-mail Marketing

Consists of electronic and web-based solutions, including your own web site to present your property in an exciting and interactive manner. This includes online-brochures, e-post cards, e-offering packages, virtual tours and C-D presentations. These formats are gaining in popularity because they offer an exciting presentation of your property, are ideal for out of town buyers and can be adjusted as changes need to be made to your information during the listing period. Swoboda Hospitality Specialists keeps abreast of the latest technology so our clients can appeal to the widest possible segment of qualified buyers.


Our marketing features ads in such national publications as Hotel Business, Hotel Journal, Hotel Motel Management Magazine and placement on industry web pages such as Innvest, CoStar, and Loopnet, which are the main hotel search engines. E-mail blasts monthly to more than 35,000 buyers and brokers contained in our database, targeted post card mailings and distribution of full marketing packages to brokers and interested principals.

Marketing Time Line

We provide you a customized marketing timeline in writing. We commit to this advertising schedule and time line in the promotion of your property. When it comes to marketing to buyers or brokers, Swoboda Hospitality Specialists exceeds our competition.

Our Guarantee

If we don't carry out our unique marketing strategy and marketing time line as presented in our listing proposal, you can cancel your listing at any time!

Exclusively Listed

Yes, we exclusively list all the hotel properties we market for sale. In today's nationwide marketplace buyers and cooperating brokers want to know someone is associated with the owner to represent the property. Buyers detest "confidential listings" where only sketchy information is available. Cooperating brokers dislike "confidential listings" because they recognize there is likely no commission agreement and probably no protection for them if they bring in a buyer. They tend to steer their prospects to exclusively listed properties.

Assuring that information about your property gets to bonafide buyers requires that your Broker have an agreement with you for representation. If you are not willing to give a Broker your written listing agreement, how can you expect a Broker to devote time and precious capital toward seriously finding you a buyer?

Like you, we spend significant amounts of time and money maintaining our networks and resources which provide continuity in our business activities. We consider our listing agreements as our business obligations. We do not bring buyers to properties for "one shot" showings or where the property is "open listed". We bring those buyers to our exclusive listings. If you are listed with us you expect such loyalty. So, if you are serious about selling your hotel or motel you should engage someone who is serious about finding you a buyer!

It's that simple.

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