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Why Choose Swoboda Hospitality Specialists to Help You Buy Your Hotel or Motel?

Bringing together buyers and sellers since 1954.
“We Cooperate With All Licensed Brokers”

Swoboda Hospitality Specialists is dedicated exclusively to the hotel industry. We know the markets and understand the opportunities. We are licensed real estate brokers with backgrounds in finance, accounting, consulting, construction, development and management.

Results-oriented customer service is the foundation for our success. Our strong commitment to long-term relationships is based on serving our clients with confidence, experience and integrity.

We build long-term relationships by focusing on our clients, not simply the next transaction.


Although there is a buyer for virtually every hotel, not every hotel is right for the buyer. At Swoboda Hospitality Specialists we use our extensive experience to sift through the inventory on the market to accurately pair the appropriate hotel with the buyer. We explore all the acquisition options available to provide appropriate advice and counsel about maximizing potential.

Helping You Buy

It stands to reason that if Swoboda Hospitality Specialists sells more hotels, they have more hotels for sale. Our total broker cooperation policy means we have many properties to choose from. Buyers who work with us are more likely to find the right hotel at the right price. At Swoboda Hospitality Specialists we help you identify the best hotel property opportunities on the market, whether they are our listings or those of our cooperating brokers. This allows you, the buyer, to select from America's largest hotel property inventory. Then, we help you navigate the complex transaction process and close the sale within a timely manner.

Providing Advice and Counsel

Swoboda Hospitality Specialists regularly advises buyers on selecting the appropriate franchise flag, repositioning, or developing a cost-effective refurbishment strategy. All this can generate higher returns for a hotel. Swoboda Hospitality Specialists has worked with virtually every major franchise organization on behalf of our clients.

Expertise in Locating Financing

Swoboda Hospitality Specialists stays abreast of current trends in hotel lending and has established relationships with the most active financing sources. We know the hospitality lending community better than anyone and can help develop the necessary financing.

Navigating Complex Transactions

Every hotel/motel sale has its own unique complexities, ranging from financing to environmental concerns. Negotiations are one of the most important components of a successful acquisition. Swoboda Hospitality Specialists is qualified to expeditiously bring you, the buyer, and the seller to a win/win conclusion.

Closing the Sale in a Timely Manner

In every hotel/motel sale, a small window of opportunity exists to acquire a property under optimum conditions. Swoboda Hospitality Specialists can coordinate with the buyer's advisory group including attorneys, financing resources, franchisors, title companies, and others, to bring the transaction to a timely conclusion.

Professional and Experienced Specialists

At Swoboda Hospitality Specialist, we maintain a staff with impeccable credentials that specialize only in the sale and purchase of hotel & motel properties. Swoboda Hospitality Specialists' brokers hold the only certification in hotel brokerage; the Certified Hotel Broker (CHB) designation. Fewer than 50 brokers, nationwide, have earned the CHB designation. Swoboda Hospitality Specialists' brokers also hold the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation. Only five percent (5%) of the estimated 125,000 commercial real estate practitioners nationwide hold the CCIM designation. The limited number of individuals holding these designations versus the total number of brokers nationwide reflects not only the caliber of the programs, but also why they are each one of the most coveted and respected designations in the industry.

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